FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AMR?

AMR, which is Automated Mail Responder Sdn Bhd for short, is an email portal with an automated responding feature that facilitates communications between two parties. This service allows you to effectively connect with other businesses and lets you share your business experience and trade information including details on delinquent paymasters. It is an alternative and possibly a more affordable option as compared to pursuing legal action or hiring a collection agency.

2. What makes AMR different from other Debt Recovery Agencies?

- Our partnership with CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd (CTOS) provides a unique advantage enabling AMR to tap into its extensive database and customer network. This partnership has helped more than 1,000 companies recover. - Cost-effective option compared to taking legal action or engaging with a collection agency. - Provides added skip-tracing facility to help locate debtor's whereabouts.

3. How to subscribe to AMR?

STEP 1: Complete the Subscription Agreement
STEP 2: Make payment to Automated Mail Responder Sdn Bhd, PBB: 398 221 6214 either via
a. Cheque
b. Fund transfer:
STEP 3: Activate your account upon receipt of confirmation letter from AMR and then commence sharing your business experience.

4. How much does this service cost?

- The fee structure is as follows:
    - Annual subscription fee for unlimited number trade references.
    - Delisting or deletion of reference fee of 6% of the amount listed.

5. How do I start sharing my business experience via AMR?

Download a copy of the eTR Submission Form available from the AMR system, complete and submit this form along with supporting documents to etraudit@ctos.com.my. Your list of business experiences will be available on the AMR platform once the documents have been verified, typically within 3 working days upon which you will be notified.

6. How can I terminate this service?

Email a letter of intent to terminate your account with AMR to enquiry@amrsb.com.my. Your account will be terminated upon receipt of your formal request. There is no refund of the annual subscription fee if the termination is earlier than the expiry of the annual subscription.

7. What will happen with all my shared information if I terminate the service?

All the information under your account shall be delisted upon termination of the service at no additional cost.

8. How do I remove a business reference from AMR system and how long does it take?

Download a copy of the eTR Submission Form available on the AMR system. Complete and submit this form to etraudit@ctos.com.my Deletion of the references will take approximately 1 hour (applicable during operating hours only) upon receipt of the deletion request.

9. Who can I contact if I require further assistance?

Feel free to contact our AMR Customer Support at 03 2722 8855.

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